Google Analytics is a powerful tool that allows you to track and analyze website traffic. If you have a WordPress multisite installation, you can easily add Google Analytics to your sites using the following steps: 1. Sign in to your Google Analytics account or create a new one if you don’t have one already. 2. Once signed in, click on the “Admin” button at the bottom left corner of the page. 3. In the “Property” column, click on “Create Property” to create a new property for your multisite. 4. Fill in the necessary information for your multisite property, such as the website name, URL, and industry category. Then click on “Create” to proceed. 5. After creating the property, Google Analytics will generate a unique tracking ID for your multisite. Take note of this ID. 6. Install and activate a Google Analytics plugin on your WordPress multisite. There are various plugins available, such as “MonsterInsights” or “Google Analytics Dashboard for WP”. 7. Once the plugin is activated, go to its settings page. Look for the option to enter your Google Analytics tracking ID or code. 8. Paste the tracking ID that you obtained from step 5 into the appropriate field and save the changes. 9. The Google Analytics plugin will now add the necessary tracking code to all of your multisite’s pages, allowing you to track and analyze the traffic across your sites. Note: It’s important to mention that while the plugin will handle the integration with Google Analytics, you may also need to configure the plugin’s settings to enable specific features or customize the tracking setup to meet your needs.

Google Analytics is een krachtige tool voor het bijhouden van het verkeer op uw website. Het biedt gedetailleerde inzichten in het gedrag

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